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Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment industry has seen number of changes in the past three decades - Metamorphosing from the conventional treatment process to current micronfilteration processes for both- raw water and waste water. As the technology advanced, the pollution levels also multiplied & at the same time the statutory norms certainly became more stringent. About a decade ago, there were no clearly defined limits for parameters such as "chemical oxygen demand" - but now it happens to be one of the most important parameter. Industries like chemical, Pharma, bulk drugs & dyes have come to limelight of late due to their inability to control the COD contributed by their effluent. Unfortunately, this problem has not been properly addressed by the wastewater treatment industry, so far, as it has not looked beyond the conventional biological processes. The reason why we said a moment please, we have developed & innovate state of art technology to destroy the COD into CO2 & Water.
Water Coolant Recovery

Water Coolant Recovery

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TypeCoolant Recovery
The birth of “cutting fluids” or coolant revolutionized the operations of engineering industries - but have equally created a negative impact on the environment – Coolants are highly non bio-degradable. Upon continuous usage in the machine, soluble cutting oils need replacement, primarily due to offensive odor (due to biological degradation) and accumulation of different types of particulate matter, each having a deterrent effect on the coolant performance and life. Coolant recovery system has been designed to eliminate the contaminants in coolant - which are mainly tramp oil & bacteria - without altering the properties of the original emulsion. This enables increase in coolant cycle times, thereby reducing both procurement of fresh oil as well as frequency of discharge.

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