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Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine

Providing you the best range of electrostatic liquid cleaning machine (elc) and electrostatic liquid cleaning machine with effective & timely delivery.
Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine (ELC)

Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine (ELC)

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TpyeCleaning Machine

  • Plastics Injection Moulding Machines.
  • Hot Press in plywood Industries.
  • Aluminum Extrusion & Die Casting Machines.
  • Power Generation Plant & Hydro Power Plant.
  • CNC Machine Tools.
  • Ceramics Industries,
  • Aviation, Railways & Automobiles.
  • Hydraulic Press & Hot / Cold Steel Mills.
  • Bearing Lubrication System.
  • Earth Moving, Construction & Mining Equipments.
  • Power Transmission Plant.


  • Eliminate Oil Changes.
  • Eliminate Mechanical Filters.
  • Increase Production And Reduce Rejection.
  • Increase Life of pumps, Valves & Seals.
  • EH&S (Environment, Health & Safety) friendly.
  • Longer Oil life.
  • No Oil Leakages
  • Longer Equipment Life.
  • Low Operation and Maintenance Cost.
  • Energy Saving by keeping Oil Clean.


Oil ISO VG / ELC Model324668100150Electric PowerDimension (LxWxH mm)Pump Flow Ltr/MinWeight in kg. Approx
ELC -25L6000 L4200 L2800 L1500 L600 L225 L635x450x8505 at 50Hz120
ELC -50L12000 L8300 L5600 L3000 L1500 L425 L835x450x85012 at 50Hz150
ELC -100L30000 L20000 L17000 L7600 L3500 L475 L915x600x87512 at 50Hz210

The ELC system uses the principles of electrostatics to collect fuild contaminants. ELC unique design with gradient force permits it to take advantage of the natural charge that each contaminant contains. Contamination that have a positive charge are drawn towards a negative electrode plate within the system while those with an inherent negative charge are drawn towards a positive plate. Neutral contaminants are drawn and deposited by gradient force to the edge of the collectors where the intensity of the deformed electric field is strongest.

As the fluid flows freely through the system. ELC removes contaminants, submicronic particles as 0.01 micron, dust, dirt and products of oxidation such as tars and varnishes. ELC also removes particles such as paper, wood, plastic and rubber. Contaminants are trapped on Cellulose Collectors for easy disposal. ELC will not affect soluble additives.

The Dust collector paper(s) is hosted in the oil cleaning chamber. Each Dust Collector is made of disposable cellulose fiber and in form of pleated to hold the greatest quantity of contaminants. Dust collector can hold as much as 4.5 kgs. Before change is required and will furnish 2000 hours of use depending upon the actual contaminants of oil.

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Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine

Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine

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TypeCleaning Machine
"save oil" "save energy" by
electrostatic liquid cleaning (elc) machine
and help environment
during oil cleaning by elc machine save electricity energy by adopting

new version of elc 25 & elc 50 machine

specification for selection guide

oil iso vg / elc model324668100150electric powerdimension (lxwxh mm)weight in kg. Approx
elc -25l regular6000 l4200 l2800 l1500 l600 l225 w635x450x875120
elc -25l new version12000 l8300 l5600 l3000 l1500 l250 w635x450x875125
elc -50l regular12000 l8300 l5600 l3000 l1500 l425 w775x450x850150
elc -50l new version12000 l8300 l5600 l3000 l1500 l250 w775x450x850145
elc-100l regular30000 l20000 l17000 l7600 l3500 l450 w915x600x875210

cost comparison of new version model

model of elc machineelectric motor h. P.pump lpmload hvt kvdcrunning cost of electric motor 300 days/1 yearsaving on electric motor cost per 1 yearcost of dust collector per 1 yearsaving on cost of dust collector cost per 1 yearcleaning capacity if compare with regular modelcost of oil cleaning per 1 ltr. On saving of electric motor load & hvt capacity
elc-25l regular0. 2536rs 6000nilrs. 4000nilregularrs. 2. 50
elc-25l new version0. 25312rs 6000nilrs. 6000nildoublers. 1. 50
elc-50l regular0. 51212rs 12000nilrs. 8000nilregularrs. 3. 00
elc-50l new version0. 25512rs 6000rs 6000rs. 6000rs. 2000regularrs. 2. 00
elc-100l regular0. 51212+12rs 12000nilrs. 16000nilregularrs. 1. 50

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