V. M. Tecknologies, Bangalore

V. M. Tecknologies, Bangalore

Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka


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Corporate Presentation - V. M. Tecknologies, Bangalore, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Slide 1: "Service Provider of Fluid Management Solutions" Slide 2:About Us * Established in the year 2003 * Optimum credibility * Rich industry experience * Highly esteemed clientele * Prompt after sales service Slide 3:Why Us * Timely delivery * Competitive prices * Superior quality standards * Offer customized solutions * Team of qualified professionals Slide 4:Products * Coolant Wizard * Coolant Reconditioning System * Electrostatic Oil Cleaner * Coolant Wizard Support Products * Environmental Protection Slide 5:Coolant Wizard * Self-Contained Coolant Wizard * Coolant Wizard Machine * Portable Coolant Wizard * Coolant System Slide 6:Coolant Reconditioning System * Self-Contained Coolant Reconditioning System * Coolant Reconditioning System * Compact Coolant Reconditioning System Slide 7:Electrostatic Oil Cleaner * Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine (ELC) * Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine * Double Vacuum Electrical Absorption SYVE * Double Vacuum Electrical Absorption SYVEF Slide 8:Coolant Wizard Support Products * Coolant Wizard Mist Collectors * Coolant Wizard Proportioner Slide 9:Environmental Protection * Oil Separators * Mixing Units * Refractometers * Filtration Units * Magnetic Separators * FM Polarizer